why no jobs for recent gradutes suck/s

Sorry new grads are your resumes ready?

The United States plans on hiring as low as 1.3% fewer graduates this class year according to the new “Job Outlook 2018 Spring Update” reported by the National Association of Colleges and Employers. And although it did not state if students that graduated from a healthcare program would fair better this is still a decrease since 2010 when employers planned to cut hiring for the class of 2010 by 7%.

And so, the question for new grads – Is your resume employee ready?

As a new grad, the goal is to find a career in your studied field and start paying off your student loan. But with this statistic, it looks like you will be fighting with other grads for that job you want. That is why your resume must be employee ready and must stand out to the recruiter.
There are Six parts to a resume, and should have phrases that make’s it stand out from the crowd:
1. The Header
2. The Title
3. The Summary
4. The Technology
5. The Experience
6. The Education

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